Tips To Maximize Personal Productivity

Facing a job layoff? Maximize your personal productivity and you might just avoid the axe!

With retrenchment going on all around us these days, it’s time to think about how best to be productive at our jobs. After all, for those of us left behind after a layoff, we’re doing the work of more than one person. While we need to keep up with the pace of work that we’re left to deal with after layoffs, we should also think of those things that can help us emphasize our worth as valuable employees at our companies. Plus, to be brutally explicit, I should say that when we’re productive, there’s less chance of us getting the axe.

Do you ever wonder where the day has gone as you ponder over the unfinished tasks still ahead of you? Do you have days when it seems like you just can’t get anything done? One of the most common reasons we end up wasting so much time on unnecessary activities is because we’re not as organized as we should be. To see what we can do about this, let’s check out a few of these productivity tips. These particular ideas have actually worked out well for me!

6 Great Tips To Maximize Personal Productivity

1. Buy Post It Notes, Fridge Magnets or a Daily Schedule Planner.
Fridge magnets may seem cheesy, but they can be some of the most useful tools in your arsenal to help you raise your productivity level. Use these tools (along with post it notes and a planner) to plan ahead. You can also get into the habit of entering important reminders into your daily schedule. Anything that comes across as important to you, write it down and post it somewhere visible so that it doesn’t slip your mind. Here are a few free online calendars and personal planners you may want to try out for this purpose.

2. Get enough sleep.
By sleeping early and by getting enough sleep, you’ll be able to keep yourself awake, alert and productive during the day. Avoid spending too much time watching television or playing video games late into the night as these activities can easily infringe upon your valuable sleeping hours. We all need balance in our lives in order to function at our peak level. Some other tips to stay alert? If you’re always in front of the computer at work, try to avoid slouching; and take power naps during your lunch break in order to refresh your mind. Or how about drinking some tea? It’ll refresh your senses.

3. Stay Fit and Healthy.
Try not to overeat — especially at work. Not only will it make you fat but it’ll also make you sleepy at work, potentially interfering with your productivity. As much as possible, also fit in exercise into your schedule. This will keep your mind sharp while also helping you keep your desired body weight. Fight a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits with regular exercise and a good diet; remember that good fitness habits will keep you physically and mentally strong. So how about trying these ways to exercise for cheap?

4. Stay Positive.
Try to stay positive. If you have a habit of channeling negativity towards work (and life), you’re bound to set yourself up for tough days ahead; you’re dooming yourself to failure this way. By reminding yourself to stay positive before each day begins, you’ll be able to dictate the way your day progresses and what your mood and outlook will be for the rest of the day. Your positivity will also be an inspiration and influence to others at work and at home. So keep your chin up!

5. Plan Ahead and Stay Organized.
By planning ahead and staying organized, you’ll be able to take control of your life. For instance, if you budget your money and do some personal financial planning, you’re more likely to keep your mind clear of any worry and concern over your finances. A day without worry leaves you more time for activities and accomplishments you can fit into your schedule. And by being organized, you’ll become much more efficient at completing the tasks you face every day. For some ideas on staying organized, check out our article on how to organize your home.

6. Think Before You Act.
Haste makes waste. Do you agree? When you act hastily, you become prone to making errors. If you’re always in a hurry or in a rush, you’re not doing yourself a favor because you open yourself up to careless mistakes or even possible reckless, unpleasant consequences. And we all know just how a silly mistake can end up wasting our time and eating away at our productivity. Such mistakes can take time to remedy. So before you act on something, process it through your mind first, then do it right the first time! Sometimes, just a few seconds of thought can end up changing your life.

The basic tips we’ve described above can be achieved with the proper mindset and the right attitude. Try them out and see just how much more productive you’ll get when the mental cobwebs are out of the way. Realize that even certain small and simple actions can help alter the course of your entire day for the better and make a positive difference in the way you function. It doesn’t have to take much to maximize your personal productivity!

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