Personal Finance Tips, How To Be Productive: The Roundup

Finally, the spouse has come back from out of town to relieve me of my “single parent” status. It has been an exhausting day (and week) for me, what with all the summer activities my kids are now beginning to participate in. But as usual, I have carved out a little time to reflect on a few financial articles from some fellow money bloggers:

Personal Finance Articles

  • They Lived in a Station Wagon: Lessons From One Family: The Frugal Duchess writes about a family that lived in their car for almost two and a half months. This family has 7 members (and another one on the way) with kids ranging in age from 4 to 16. They share with us their life lessons from this experience. It’s an amazing story through and through.
  • Happiness Is Free: A nice reminder from MoneyNing that there are still some simple things in life that come for free. Spending time with loved ones is one of those things that fall in this “free” bucket!
  • 107 Things That Make Good Financial Cents: Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents put together this awesome list of great financial tips.
  • 3 Tricks To Make You More Productive (and Happy) at Work: The Financial Blogger shares with us this helpful tip: get some exercise and you’ll be much happier and much more productive. Exercise and physical activity work better than medication! Speaking of which, check out our own piece on cheap ways to exercise, for tips that can help you feel better in no time!

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