Personal Finance Discussion At LifeTuner Chat

Want More From Financial Experts? Check Out The LifeTuner Community

Just a quick announcement to let you know that there will be an online get together that’s hosted by tomorrow. But first, an introduction: you may be wondering what LifeTuner is. Well, they’re a new personal finance resource and community that is dedicated to serve and support young adults in their quest for financial knowledge and understanding. This community aims to provide advice and information by offering an open web platform for all financial enthusiasts: from financial experts to those who consider themselves new to the subject and would like to learn more about managing their money.

LifeTuner appears to be the counterpart of the AARP, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting adults over 50. In fact, on their About page, you’ll read that LifeTuner stems from the AARP and looks to be somehow affiliated with them?

Other interesting things I’ve noticed on the site: there’s a community section where you can join discussion threads on saving and spending, debt and credit, investing and so forth. They have blog posts and checklists, money tools and a very interesting panel of financial experts who provide advice. Some big names there!

Personal Finance Discussion At LifeTuner’s Chat

Anyway, if you are interested in catching LifeTuner’s chat tomorrow, here are the particulars:

LifeTuner Blogger Chat: “Finance Lessons Learned the Hard Way”

When: Wednesday, August 26th, 10:00 PM Eastern
Where: Click this link. It’ll send you to TalkShoe.
Description: Join “M” from, Laura from, and other personal finance bloggers as they discuss the financial lessons they learned the hard way and debate the processes by which people learn about finance.

Personal finance is often learned accidentally through individual experience or by following the advice of a role model. How can people learn more deliberately about personal finance? How do lessons learned by previous generations about personal finance apply to us today? Are there any that do not apply? We’ll explore these and many other questions.

Enjoy the chat!

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