No Job Layoffs! Best Companies That Avoid Corporate Downsizing

Wouldn’t you want to work at a company that avoids corporate downsizing, has no job layoffs and that highly values its employees? Well, believe it or not, such companies do exist!

Got laid off? How about considering working at a company which values job security? Here’s a short list of such companies from Yahoo Finance.

Best Companies That Avoid Corporate Downsizing

  1. Nugget Market is an 81 year old grocery chain that has a simple attrition policy — when business is slow, they just stop replacing employees who decide to quit voluntarily. If need be, different store locations engage in staff swaps (or sharing staff), which is a way to balance out work loads across stores. They also use temps and cross train their permanent employees — all smart ways to run a business!
  2. Devon Energy is an energy company that takes in $11.3 billion in revenue each year. They sidestep layoffs by staying conservative with costs. Sounds like what we all should be doing regardless of how well the economy is running!
  3. Aflac sells supplemental insurance and is probably best remembered for its duck commercials. What I like about them? They allow flexible work schedules and telecommuting — signs of a progressive company. Plus these policies actually help them save money! Not to mention, if employees are happy, I’m sure it translates to overall success.
  4. QuikTrip is a privately held 24 hour convenience store chain. They claim that the reason they’ve avoided layoffs is that they’re able to reinvest profits back into their business, being a private company. This helps them grow their company at a good clip.
  5. The Container Store is a retail company that has managed to buck the economic downtrend by freezing salaries and really watching their outgo. See what happens when everyone agrees to cap their pay?
  6. NuStar Energy is a pipeline operator (hmmm…. not sure what they do, but it’s in the area of oil and gas). They have a no layoff policy since the management believes it “erodes morale, creates fear and reduces productivity.” So they try to avoid layoffs at all costs. The result? Truly loyal employees.
  7. Stew Leonard is a privately held grocery chain whose priority is training and caring for their employees. Again, being a private company helps them to stay nimble and to execute plans more easily during downtrends.
  8. Scottrade is an online broker that’s bent on trying to provide job security to its employees. They’re a conservative company focused on longevity.
  9. Publix Super Markets is a grocery chain with an awesome balance sheet that’s 100% employee-owned. Again, a great management team has allowed them to remain financially sound without having to fear layoffs.

Avoid Job Layoffs: Recession-Proof Your Career!

Here’s one other tip if you’re about to lose your job or are currently on a job hunt: for your next position, consider focusing on the best jobs to ride out a recession in order to recession-proof your career going forward.

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