myFICO Coupon Code: 26% Discount on FICO Standard

We’ve often stressed the importance of checking your credit score whether you do it on your own or with the assistance of credit monitoring services. For those of you who’d like to pick up your FICO credit score before the end of the year, myFICO is currently running a promotion that offers their FICO Standard product at a 26% discount.

myFICO Coupon Code: 26% Discount on FICO Standard

You can order either an Equifax or TransUnion FICO credit score and report through the myFICO site. This is the FICO Standard product.

Each bundle has a regular price of $15.95, which you can now get for $11.80 by using the coupon code 26UNTIL2010 and by ordering through this link.

You can also check on your credit score and report, you’ll also get additional details and explanations about the information on your report. The credit report you order will include information on your credit cards, along with details on various loans such as car loans, student loans and mortgage accounts. Your payment history, loan balances and the current status of your loans will be on record. Any delinquent payments and inquiries made on your credit will be on file. Anything on public record regarding your finances (bankruptcy, foreclosure, tax liens, etc) and encounters with collection agencies will also be in your report.

FICO Standard

Lastly, you’ll have access to the FICO┬« Score Simulator, which is one of the FICO Score Tools available at the myFICO site. This tool tells you how your Equifax or TransUnion score can change based on:

  • Whether you’ve done a balance transfer (those 0% balance transfer credit cards are tempting);
  • Whether you’ve obtained new loans or received credit anywhere;
  • Your payment schedule and history (do you pay on time or have you missed a payment?);
  • How high a balance you maintain (are you “maxed out” or is your balance over the credit limit?);
  • Any financial status updates such as bankruptcy or foreclosure.

So if you’d like to receive your FICO score plus credit report, and would like the ability to analyze and simulate your score based on hypothetical financial situations or questions, then here’s where to go to pick up the discounted FICO Standard product before the offer expires. Don’t forget to enter the coupon code 26UNTIL2010 when you check out.

FICO Score Watch Free Trial

You can also check on your credit by subscribing to a credit tracking and monitoring service like FICO Score Watch, again from myFICO. This service only monitors your Equifax credit report and will give you access to two Score Watch reports, each one being a bundle comprised of an Equifax credit report, FICO score and FICO score simulator. Come to think of it, the bundle you’ll receive is pretty much the FICO Standard product for Equifax, except that you’re entitled to two of these per year as part of your subscription. In addition, you’ll also receive credit alerts and notifications when changes occur to your score or report.

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial through this link to try out the Score Watch service. If you so decide to keep your subscription going, you can choose to pay $9.95 a month or the cheaper rate of $99.95 a year.

While I think this is the best way to get a hold of your credit report and score for free, you can also check out my article on how to get a free FICO credit score for more tips.

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