Last Minute Shopping At Restoration Hardware: The Roundup

Had yet another busy day doing some last minute shopping. I also had a chance to meet one of my online blogger friends, Mapgirl (who runs the cool pf blog Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge) in our usual rendezvous spot. She’s here to visit her sister for the holidays and whenever she drops by the Bay Area, we now make sure to meet and catch up.

So we go to the mall and have a nice California Pizza Kitchen light lunch. I enjoyed chatting with Mapgirl talking about work, blogging and just swapping stories about what’s keeping us busy these days. After lunch and on my way out, I ended up passing through my favorite home design/decor store — Restoration Hardware, and emerged many dollars lighter. You see, I have a weakness for linen. With many items in our home needing an upgrade (these days, a lot of things have been breaking down, and in my mind, are looking to be updated), there were a few things that called out my name as I passed through the store. So I relented and purchased a bedding set.

Restoration Hardware Italian Cypress Paisley Bedding

Turns out that the impulse buy that I caved into wasn’t really all that bad: prices weren’t as high as I remember them in the bedding category; inflation in this area seems to be in check, and well, I’ll justify this purchase by saying that I’ll consider this my Christmas present to myself this time around (really, this is a need, not a want as some of our ensembles are starting to unravel). Unfortunately, there won’t be any sale for these items anytime soon, according to the salespeople, or I would have waited.

Maybe I’ll seek out towels and a front doormat when they go on sale after the holidays — the ones we have are frayed and threadbare already.

This was the highlight of the day and now I’m unwinding by catching up with a few friends:

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Have a great holiday week!

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  1. It was great meeting up with you! Now that my blog is back in order I found this post! šŸ™‚

    I hope I get to see you at Christmas next year!

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