The Japanese Economy, Gold Funds, Where To Get Personal Loans: The Roundup

We’re participating in a blog contest called “March Madness” over at Free Money Finance right now. If you have some time, I’d like to encourage you to place a vote for the blog posts you like. Our post on debt collection practices is competing in one of the rounds. If we advance based on your votes (you just leave a comment here as to which post you are voting for), then we move on to the next round. Eventually, through a process of elimination, a winner is reached. FMF from Free Money Finance, who hosts this annual blog competition will then donate a certain amount to the charity chosen by the winner! So it’s all for a great cause.

Now for more blog posts and articles, check out my lists:

  • The Smarter Wallet reviews an alternative way to borrow money with the article Lending Club Review: Lending Money For Profit. With tighter credit requirements, borrowers are turning to social lending to secure loans.
  • MoneyNing discusses some tricks you can apply to deal with unaffordable purchases. How about reviewing your potential purchases before committing your money to them?
  • Intelligent Speculator talks about how scary things can potentially get with our national economy. Just check out Japan’s economy to see what could happen!
  • One Mint shares some expense ratios and minimum investments for select gold funds. For a while now, I’ve been shopping around for a gold fund to use as a portfolio hedge. So this evaluation helps.

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2 thoughts on “The Japanese Economy, Gold Funds, Where To Get Personal Loans: The Roundup”

  1. The contest is really good, but I wonder how two articles are pitted against each other?

    Sometimes they are on vastly different topics so instead of the better article, one may lead to just voting on the article related to one’s interests.

    Did you choose your competitor or how was that decided?

  2. Hi Manshu,

    FMF decides who competes against each other. I guess it’s to do with blog size more than it does post content. There are a lot of participants (he does this every year and announces it in the financial blogging forums) and he figures out which blogs are pit against each other. 🙂

    I used to win, but I am not winning as much in recent years. 😉 Sometimes, it has depended on how hard you campaign against your opponent and I’m not very good at that…. 😀

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