iPhone Kindle App Sales, Freelancing Fun, A Veteran’s Purple Heart

Time for my weekly roundup! Here are some of the personal finance articles I enjoyed reading and reviewing this week:

Econobusters: I encountered this frugal blog with a lot of great articles on crafts, frugal tips and tricks, and home management. The site is run by Molly Green, who also has a free newsletter to offer. You’ll receive a free menu-planning e-book if you subscribe to her newsletter. Check out her recipe of hot bacon cheese dip (yum!) and some frugal family gift ideas from her online community.

One Mint: Nice justifications here for why the iPhone Kindle app won’t likely cannibalize the Kindle’s sales. So do you have either of these ebook readers? Check out our Amazon Kindle review if you’d like more details about this gadget.

WiseBread: So who cares about where the stock market is headed? I wrote this guest post for WiseBread to remind ourselves that regardless of where the stock market decides to go, we can still do well by investing prudently and by applying certain investment strategies like asset allocation and dollar cost averaging.

Len Penzo: Here’s a discussion of the 10 most underpaid jobs available today, presented in a breezy style. I agree with a lot of Len’s assessments here — including the fact that military service people should be paid huge gobs of money for their incredible sacrifices.

Mrs. Bankrupt: Leanne waxes poetic about the joys of freelancing in her piece about the new way to work. Aside from running a few blogs, I also freelance as a writer for other sites. I can certainly vouch for the fact that freelancing is definitely an awesome way to make a living!

Lazy Man and Money: Here’s a wonderful personal story by Lazy Man about his grandfather-in-law, who’s a true war veteran. His grandpa (in law) is slated to receive a Purple Heart for his valor during the Korean War.

The Financial Blogger: I like this idea of saving roughly $10 a day for the next 45 days before Christmas so that you can have around $465 to spend for Christmas gifts! So what costs can you cut out each day for the next several weeks to reach your target savings amount?

Certainly, some of these posts bring up some thought-provoking points. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

4 thoughts on “iPhone Kindle App Sales, Freelancing Fun, A Veteran’s Purple Heart”

  1. Great links — already a big fan of WiseBread. Penzo’s blog is a new one. Septic tank cleaners *don’t* get paid enough.

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