Investing In The Stock Market? Rules To Help You Sleep At Night

Are you a stock investor who wants to sleep more soundly at night? Check out this great video that discusses some basic rules for making sure we’re approaching our investments the right way:

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Investing In The Stock Market? 5 Rules To Help You Sleep Better At Night

1. Learn how the markets work.

The stock market can go up, down or sideways. If we learn what makes the market move the way it does, we’re 99% ahead of other investors. I’ve studied the markets through financial and investing books, magazines and periodicals. Lately, I’ve also been using free stock charting tools and services to help me better understand how the stock market functions and behaves.

2. Have a game plan.

When you get involved in the stock market, make sure you have a plan. By doing so, you’ll be able to stay on track towards meeting your investment goals. Keep your investment objectives in mind when you’re participating in the stock market.

3. Learn technical analysis.

You can anticipate (with a given probability) whether the stock market is expected to go up or down by using some technical analysis. You can learn more about such strategies by checking out’s various free tools and educational services such as Trend Analysis and INO TV Free.

4. Trust yourself.

The investing world is full of unscrupulous individuals who want to separate you from your money. So who better can you trust with your own money than yourself? It’s best to manage your finances and investments on your own.

5. Be disciplined.

The most successful investors are those who are disciplined. Long term investors need to be disciplined about following their regular investment plans and portfolio rebalancing strategies. If you follow technical analysis (say if you trade a portion of your stock portfolio), then you’ll need to be disciplined about when to take your profits and losses.

Regardless of whether you’re a long term investor or more of an active trader, these rules can help you “ponzi-proof” your investment portfolio. By applying these tenets, you’ll hopefully sleep better at night!

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