Inverse ETFs, a 50% Savings Rate, Hurricane Season: The Roundup

Ready for some new articles for this week? Here’s a list of articles for your reading pleasure:

  • One Mint: What Is An Inverse ETF? Inverse ETFs are a class of ETFs that go up in value while the asset they represent falls in price. Basically, if you intend to short a stock or index, you only need to buy the corresponding inverse ETF for that stock or index.
  • The Boomer Chronicles: I Almost Got Majorly Scammed Last Week. Wow, a scary story of some door to door magazine salespeople who try to sell subscriptions to unsuspecting homeowners. I’ve had similar experiences with these people — moral of the story? Don’t deal with solicitors unless they’re the kids from your neighborhood having a school fund drive! Just don’t deal with solicitors who seem suspicious or whom you aren’t familiar with.
  • Sound Money Matters: Our 50% Savings Success. Now this is a story I like! Aryn succeeded in saving over 50% of their income this month.
  • Don’t Mess With Taxes: Hurricane Season Financial Preparations. Kay shares a very informative article on how to be ready for hurricane season. Get your home and finances prepared for Mother Nature!

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2 thoughts on “Inverse ETFs, a 50% Savings Rate, Hurricane Season: The Roundup”

  1. Thanks for mentioning OneMint. The story about the scamsters was really scary. I could never imagine such a thing could happen.

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