International Bank Rates, Holiday Spending, Digital Media Discussion: The Roundup

T’was the night before Thanksgiving and here we are with some last minute reads before we start the long weekend. Here are some articles from my buddies from across the personal finance blogosphere:

Coupon Hound Dog: Black Friday online deals are blanketing the web right now. Want to know what Kohl’s is offering us for the holiday shopping season? Then check out these tips for navigating deals at Kohl’s.

Lazy Man and Money: So why doesn’t Lazy Man buy digital media? He provides some very interesting thoughts here on how the digital media “industry” can be much improved.

Almost Frugal: It’s the time of year when we decide just how much of our family budget will be allocated to some holiday shopping. So how much are you intending to spend this holiday season?

Budgets Are Sexy: For a discussion about the stock market that’s presented in a rather humorous fashion, check out this guest post at J Money’s site: is the stock market smoking hot? Yes, in the sense that it’s an excellent way to grow your money over time.

One Mint: For those of you who are thinking of banking overseas, here’s a handy list of bank interest rates available at Indian banks. Interest rates in Asia are always much higher than what we have here in the U.S. so banking there is an option in case you want to diversify. Of course, any money you pass along overseas may be subject to currency risk (and exchange rates).

Political Calculations: If you’re wondering about how much the average American spends and what they spend their money on, then don’t look further than this article on age and income driven spending.

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