How To Sell Used Items: Profit From Your Gently Used Stuff

Here are some great places to earn and save money on used items.

Like many people, I have way too many things that I’ve picked up from impulse buying. Actually, I end up not using half of the stuff I accumulate. So in order to make space, I have to clear out my closets regularly, but it’s such a waste to throw things out when you can sell them, cash in on clutter and get some of your money back. Throughout the years, I’ve discovered many cheap ways to sell stuff.

How To Sell Used Items: Profit From Your Gently Used Stuff

When you have boxes and boxes of items to get rid of, a garage sale is the best and fastest way to do it; it only takes a couple of hours, and you don’t have to take the trouble to go to a charity with all your things. But when I only want to let go of less than ten items, I usually go to an online venue to try to sell it. Some of you might already be familiar with these websites, but for those who aren’t, here are some places where you can sell some of your stuff online.

1. eBay

eBay used to be the most common place to sell items, but lately it’s been difficult to obtain a sale because a lot of people with get-rich-quick mindsets keep trying to push all kinds of shoddy, overpriced items. Still, if you have unique products, such as vintage items, you’ll find opportunities at eBay.


An excellent alternative to eBay is It also works like eBay in that it’s an auction site where you can put up your own store. But unlike eBay, you don’t get a listing fee or pay any other fees for additional options. In fact, transacting through is completely free! Although it’s not as popular as eBay, you still have nothing to lose by using it. In fact, I’ve been able to successfully sell items at atOncer, and the people who use the site are easy to deal with.


I’ve had positive experiences selling stuff at I have way too many books that I have only read once and have never touched again because they were boring and did not appeal to me, but you’d be surprised to find how many people might enjoy books that you didn’t. Amazon makes it incredibly easy for people to sell books. Instead of having to list the details of your book, all you need to do is enter the ISBN number. Amazon will retrieve the publication information of the book from its database and catalogue it for you! To date, I have successfully sold around 20 books on Amazon, and will be selling more once I do spring cleaning.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist is also an excellent place for you to sell items. It’s an online classified ads system divided by city or region, making it easy for you to find buyers (or sellers) within your hometown. What’s best about Craigslist is that it’s free. I have sold a few barely-used appliances at Craigslist.

So, as you can see, making money out of the stuff you own but have barely used can prove profitable, and is actually pretty straightforward if you know where to sell them.

16 thoughts on “How To Sell Used Items: Profit From Your Gently Used Stuff”

  1. These are all good places to sell your stuff. Craigslist gets my vote though, I like that you can shop and sell by location, location, location.
    Reese Payton

  2. Guess you haven’t heard about Big Value Depot (BVD), the latest online listing/auction internet sensation, where you can go way beyond just listing your items to get themsold.

    And why would you go there?

    Because you can make a lot of money if the sellers that you host decide to become hosts also, a POTENTIAL fortune for your efforts.
    We’re not talking about pennies on the dollar, here, the trifling rewards of the average online venture.
    Which other listing/auction service rewards you for increasing the staff ?
    (At some point please ask about our compensation plan.)

    Selling and buying used items is nothing new, but folks are liquidating in masse.
    Part 2 of BVD is just that-Big Ticket Depot. (BTD)is opening soon..
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    Email me back for the link and a listing voucher.
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  3. My vote goes to the new website Gently Used Stuff Online Auction. You can auction your gently used stuff for free. If you want you can open a store on Gently Used Stuff where they let you list 2000 auctions free. I have tried a lot of other online auctions and I am hooked on Gently Used Having very good success with this online auction and the staff is very helpful. The money I’m saving from not having to deal with the high auction fees is really making a difference. What a change from where I was listing my used stuff. An excellent alternative to eBay!

  4. Hi all,

    Lately, I have no trouble collecting “things” in a pile to get rid of, but I get so overwhelmed with the various items, I get stuck with the pile. Can someone give me some ideas on how to get organized to get from the pile of various items, to figuring out where to sell what to get the best sale?

  5. I’ve found that a great way to up the value of your used stuff is to link the the user manual, if you don’t have it. I use This way, the buyer cannot complain that the item does not have instructions.

  6. I built a site called for this exact purpose.

    It lets you enter and track multiple items, then list and search based on geographic proximity.

    Give it a try and let me know what you think!

  7. “The Best Place To Sell” (

    Here are some things you want to find when looking for The Best Place To Sell and buy used items online (ok, there is a Moderated Classifieds website called and offers & controls these things):

    1) offers FREE POSTINGS with pictures;

    2) actively works to keep scammers and spammers OFF of the site;

    3) reviews All ads before going live (fast);

    4) requires prices to be fair and reasonable for both buyer & seller;

    5) requires disclosure of known defects within the posting;

    6) requires a buyer to inspect the item before completing a purchase;.

    7) has a posting and item review format that provides, consistently, the needed information to be able to understand and decide to make an inquiry;

    8) has Moderators that you can actually CALL (301-674-1441) in the continental USA for help when posting an ad, finding something, or with anything to do with the website or assisting you with the purchase or sale of your items;

    9) has a flagging system to alert the Moderators that there may be a problem with a buyer or seller;

    10) will help promote your ad across the internet for greater exposure;

    11) includes dozens of social bookmarks to help you share your posting on sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, etc;

    11) provides active feedback so you know the kind of activity you are having on your posting/listing;

    12) provides a consolidated page of all of your items;

    13) takes suggestions from users and when appropriate, and consistent with its policies, procedures, guidelines, core values, and philosophies, looks to incorporate them within the site.

    The site owner (ok, me) started this site to be one that is more “personal” with its “members/users” (currently no fees to be a member), be an honest venue or marketplace for buying, selling, and donating good-condition stuff (not junk), and to provide genuine “service” to all of its users who can look forward to enjoying a pleasant experience while, maybe even, meeting or dealing with some very nice people online.

    Most everything is free, right now, because all they are asking for in return for your posting or viewing of the site is to SHARE the site with your friends, co-workers, family, and within your social networks. Pretty simple. So visit (or call them) and let’s build a site together.

    All kinds of items (in good condition) can be posted… “The Best Place To Sell” and buy used furniture, appliances, sporting goods, exercise equipment, tools, electronics, tv’s, portable electronics, business equipment & supplies, office equipment & supplies, building materials, games, computers, jewelry, household stuff, art & antiques/collectibles, musical instruments, salon equipment & supplies, household goods, lawn & garden stuff, auto/car & marine/boat supplies and accessories, pet supplies, and more.

    (All of the above content is owned by & & (collectively “The website”). The Website name, slogans, and its created content are proprietary and protected by law. The Website structure & content are owned by The Website and considered Intellectual Property. Copyright © 2010. All Rights Reserved.)

  8. I am a novice at selling on internet. I have access to the web by my blackberry or local library.What are your hrs of operation for phone calls? Do you think it would be possible to do all I need to do via my blackerry with exception of posting items on internet @ library since my camera is better than the cam on my phone.
    Thank you for responding.


  9. I use other sites to sell most of my used stuff where every listing requires videos so you get to see the full view of the product. People love the idea of using video because unethical sellers often scam buyers with fake photos. Too many scams on craigslist.

  10. I am tired of eBay… they are too expensive. My Paypal made me upgrade to business acct because my sales increased and now I’m paying them fees as well. Craigslist was wonderful but it has become VERY flaky lately. People call but never show up. Why is it so hard to find a site LIKE eBay? Sometimes I think eBay is working at keeping other sites quiet by paying them or others not to advertise..I know ..paranoid. But really, you can find almost ANYTHING online, but try to google “eBay alternatives”. I have and I get a list of sites that have a similar set up, but only do real estate, new, or require a subscription, or ….credits to bid..why?

    Seriously though, I think there is some kind of conspiracy going on and eBay is running the show. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative sites to sell used clothing, antiques, and vintage jewelry?

  11. Janeen Rosenberg

    ebay is awful! I had 800 items for sale and they have a stupid rating scale system that is bound to make you a below standard seller. They never let you know what transaction with whom caused the problem to try and resolve it.

  12. Hey Tim, you said you have other websites to sell your stuff, can you suggest these sites, because craiglist looks dormant and stagnant when it comes to selling and buying. Just like Sebrina said, people call you on craiglist and don’t show up, or show up and ask you to almost give your items to them for FREE.

    Please send me some of your listing to sell my used stuff. Ebay and its sister company Paypal are time wasting, nonsense and just making and sucking money out of people like you and me. You also mentioned videos — please shed more light on that too. Thanks.

  13. Yes, if you’re looking to sell, don’t sell on craigslist nor ebay either. Nothing sells on either one. All those people do in Craigslist is play major games there. They are not all that serious about buying. Same with ebay. I have had stuff on both and it look’s like the people are just out to get something for nothing.

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