Holiday Festivities, House Guests and One Sick Kid

I’ve been trying to finish the holiday shopping early, but I doubt I’ll be successful this year.

It’s been a terribly hectic and cold week (32 degrees in the Bay Area? Really?). My parents are visiting from Asia, the schools are having their Christmas programs, companies are hosting their annual holiday parties and we’re trying to find time to squeeze in some holiday shopping in there somewhere. And to top it all off, I’ve been to a number of clinics and hospitals to treat various ailments in family members and to get the vaccines we’ve been needing this year. And apparently, we’re not done yet: the bad news is that my eldest kid is down with a fever and respiratory condition today, and I am trying to determine if he’s showing enough symptoms to warrant yet another trip to the pediatrician for the test of the dreaded swine flu. I’ve been anxious about this shortage for a while now, and it’s been a frustrating hunt for the elusive flu antidote. During this H1N1 flu vaccine shortage, I’ve been diligently checking the clinics every week and only now there’s indication of some supply for high risk patients.

Little good it’ll do for us us when it’s too little too late. Anyway, it’s just one more thing to be distracted about right now. Here’s hoping my little one is just experiencing some kind of random virus with no name. And that the rest of us won’t be down for the count in the next few days!

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Festivities, House Guests and One Sick Kid”

  1. Online gift certificates are always a good way to finish up gift purchases for those that you are unsure what to get. Also, photo books that you can make online could be a good option as well! Hope your kiddos get to feeling better and its not the dreaded swine flu.

  2. Thank goodness it actually isn’t swine flu! But had to stay with the kid today to nurse him back to health. Thanks for your thoughts! And thanks for the holiday gift suggestions. I’m also second-guessing myself since it’s hard to buy stuff for certain people in our Xmas list! In this case, yes, certificates are a good option!

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