Graduate School Programs, DIY Projects and Ponzi Schemes

Here are a few articles I had the chance to read over this week. With all the season finales going on in the world of television programming (for shows I’ve been following), I guess I’ve become a little distracted, so I could only muster these articles for now. Do enjoy!

Personal Finance Articles

  • One Mint: Here’s a pretty interesting post about the lure of ponzi schemes. What makes them so easy to fall for? Manshu gets into the nitty gritty of what makes such a scheme tick.
  • Money Energy: If you’re considering attending graduate school to wait out this recession, you may want to think again. Read this piece that discusses the real costs of graduate school.
  • True Adventures In Money Hacking: This frugal blog shares a lot of do-it-yourself ideas, and this DIY project on bike baskets (complete with nice photos) was something that caught my eye. Bike baskets seem like a fun craft project to try out!

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