Frequent Flyer Miles, Money Choices and Unconventional Saving Tips

Summer is in full swing and unlike those days of yore when I’d spend days and days just vegging with a book, hanging out with friends, relaxing by a pool somewhere or taking in nature on a daily hike, I now spend summers driving my kids to their summer activities, running the household and working. Makes me envious of all my teacher friends who have the summers off! All these activities are fun but tiring. I’m still wondering when my next vacation is going to be…. Still, can’t beat the lovely weather we’ve been having lately. We haven’t experienced a heat wave here yet (knock on wood)!

Personal Finance Resources

Lazy Man and Money: I’d like to point out a poignant guest post by Lazy Man’s wife, where she discusses the poor money choices that ruined her parents’ life. Goes to show what kind of impact you have not only on yourself but also on the people who are close to you when you suffer money troubles. I’m glad that Lazy Man and his wife are in a good place despite having to face these challenges in their family.

Passion Saving: I stumbled on this site and this video featuring a guy named Rob Bennett who came up with some interesting unconventional money saving tips. He’s got lots of great ideas on finance, so be sure to check him out!

Ask Mr. Credit Card Blog: How can you earn a lot of miles? Here is a post that covers some great ideas for racking up frequent flyer miles.

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