20 Free Stock Trades From Zecco Upon Account Open

This promotion is no longer available but you can still be eligible to receive 10 free stock trades per month at Zecco. Check this link for more details.
Open a Zecco account, free stock trades

Here’s the latest news from a popular brokerage: if you’ve been waiting to open an online stock broker account, you may want to consider doing it right now, in order to take advantage of Zecco’s latest promotional offer, which is to give new investors 20 free online trades upon account open.

This promotion is only available until September 13, so act fast if you want to qualify! Here are some details of this offer:

Get 20 Free Stock Trades From Zecco Upon Account Open

1. The bonus free online trades may be used for 90 days.
After 90 days, the trades will expire. The good news here is that you have around 3 months to make use of the bonus trades. This will give you time to use your trades at your leisure, and will make you less inclined to apply the trades under pressure. The face value for these trades is around $90.

2. The 20 bonus trades are extra ones that you’ll get above the 10 free trades you may be entitled to receive monthly from Zecco. Note that all Zecco investors already qualify for 10 no cost trades during each month that they keep a minimum account balance of $25,000 or actively trade at a frequency of 25 trades for that month. So if you sign up with Zecco as a new investor, you’ll receive 20 free stock trades which are usable across 90 days, along with 10 trades additional per month (if you meet the aforementioned eligibility requirements for those monthly transactions). Regular commissions for trades are a very low $4.50.

3. Your new Zecco account must be opened and approved by September 13 so that you are eligible for the offer. You can open a Zecco account by visiting this link.

4. Upon account open, enter the promotional code “bonus1” which you’ll need to supply in lowercase (without the quotes). It has to be entered accurately so that you qualify.

5. The free trades will be granted to your account by September 16 and will have an expiration date of 90 days upon receipt.

6. The offer only applies to new Zecco accounts.

So if you’re ready to go, here’s where you can open that new Zecco account!

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