Trying Out Febreze Home Accents and Home Scents

You may have been aware of this already, but one of the perks of being a blogger is that companies often send us stuff to try out. Whether it be books, shirts, kits, or whatever else — they send us stuff. Well, this time around, the Febreze folks got a hold of me and decided to send me one of their Flameless Luminaries. I actually like Febreze and use it for my fabrics, so I figured why not check this thing out? I received the product about a week ago.

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Well, this “luminary” is this thing in a box that emits a soft flickering light along with a mild scent of something. It’s pretty much like a scented candle without the wax (and another way to freshen up your surroundings). It comes in herbal, green tea citrus, a variety of fruity scents and natural. I received the green tea citrus product and I liked it a lot!

The downside though is that if you’ve got members of your family who are sensitive to any type of perfume, then this is something that they may not appreciate. And such was the case with my spouse. He attempted to sneak the luminary out into the garage (and probably into the trash heap) while I wasn’t looking. Good thing I caught him in the act before he could toss anything out. Clearly, he wasn’t a fan (he is sensitive to scents) but I certainly am. I’m a sucker for home accents and accessories like this, so I would consider picking up one of these products if given a chance. This time though, I would have to place it somewhere in our home where the husband won’t mind or notice it.

I also think that in lieu of the usual soaps and body lotions I give away as gifts during the holidays, the luminary would make a nice simple token that I can send out instead. It’s a nice gift idea I’ll keep in mind for this year’s holidays and special occasions.

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