Divorce and Finance, Lower Salaries For New Grads: The Roundup

This week, I’m happy to present these articles from some of my favorite financial sites.

Personal Finance Reads

  • The Wallet: The WSJ blog reports that starting salaries are slightly lower for graduating college students this year, compared to last year. And though it’s normal to see this type of dip during a recession, it’s a bit concerning for graduating seniors to start off this way, since research shows that entering the job market during a downturn hampers one’s career growth.
  • Taking Charge: Ugh! Sounds like several spammers have found their way to Craigslist! I am familiar with the credit score companies that are being hawked by online spammers, but disappointed to read about how aggressive the marketing has been for these companies.
  • Credit Shout: Divorce is one of those events that will seriously affect your finances. Randal shares some ideas on how to salvage your credit in case divorce strikes you.
  • Cheapskate Blog: This money blog from Time.com has a series out called “What Will A Cheapskate Spend Good Money On?” I am extremely honored to have been invited by Brad Tuttle to contribute to this piece (see Part III for my musings).
  • The Consumerist: Say it ain’t so! Babies R Us is being accused of price fixing; the accusation here is that the toy company has been threatening manufacturers they work with, trying to keep the manufacturers from allowing competing online retailers to discount products that they also carry. They’re doing this so that Babies R Us can price these products competitively at their brick and mortar stores.

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