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Time for my reading list to take center stage! Here are some articles around the personal financial blogosphere that I enjoyed:

Loose Change: Here’s a piece from the Wall Street Journal’s Wallet blog, about how to avoid making money mistakes if you’re moving in with a partner. Some experts warn us to think twice about opening a joint account and tell us how to make use of such an account. There’s also guidance here for how to equitably split costs with your partner.

Wise Bread: If you’re looking to minimize costs and maximize ROI on employee travel, then take a look at some of these tips from Wise Bread. Some good pointers include taking advantage of corporate discounts and utilizing credit and charge card rewards.

The Financial Blogger: If you’re thinking of investing, now is as good a time as any, with the stock market at much lower levels. But what if you’re a little low on the funds? Well, here are some tricks you can use to find the money to invest!

Credit Shout: Interesting post here about how credit card issuers are developing hardship programs (or debt repayment programs) to assist those card customers who are having a tough time paying their credit card bills. Such debt repayment programs involve setting the card holders’ debt repayment interest rates to more comfortable levels. It’s nice to hear this sort of thing coming from the credit card industry, for a change!

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