Credit Card Scams, Investment Scams and Long Term Financial Decisions

I scoured the web for a few interesting articles to highlight here today. Here were a few I liked:

Good Financial Cents: Bernie Madoff has been in the news lately, having received a stiff 150 year sentence for his role in the biggest investment scam our nation has ever seen. So how can you avoid becoming a victim of investment fraud? Jeff Rose gives us some tips.

Free Money Finance: I thoroughly enjoy reading FMF’s blog. This week, he tells us about what jobs he’s held, pre-college, and what he’s learned from his experiences. I actually never had a job until I was in college, and when I did snag my first job as an intern, it was at a Silicon Valley startup where I was worked to the bone, 14 hours a day.

Studenomics: Speaking of college, let’s stop by Studenomics (a blog that focuses on the younger demographic) for a bit. Studenomist shares with us some warnings about making short sighted financial decisions while you’re in your twenties. I think we need to balance how we make decisions about our money: we should keep both short term and long term goals in mind when we do our financial planning.

Ask Mr. Credit Card: What do you do if you’re scammed by a credit card thief? Mr. Credit Card discusses this dilemma with a whole lot of common sense. If you’re a merchant, stay alert about the credit cards that customers pass on to you — they may just be stolen!

Enjoy these articles!

2 thoughts on “Credit Card Scams, Investment Scams and Long Term Financial Decisions”

  1. Thanks so much for the post! As for the pre-college jobs, boy did I have many. Anywhere from working the produce section at a grocery store to being a soccer ref, good times.

  2. You’re welcome! I wish I could have been one of those who started working earlier in life with smaller jobs in high school. Maybe then I wouldn’t have started out so awkwardly as an intern in college! And I may have known how to deal with money at an even earlier age (and would have also begun investing earlier).

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