Coupon Chief Review: Discount Coupon Site For Savvy Shoppers

Here’s a very effective money saving tip: before buying anything, check the internet for prices. Then take it a step further: check for discounts and coupons for any item that’s for sale on the web. Case in point: I enjoy shopping at Ebates, a web site that gives you cash back rewards if you do your shopping through them.

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Save Money By Shopping Online With Coupons!

In days gone by, clipping coupons meant pouring over the Sunday paper with a pair of scissors in hand but the electronic age has made it much easier for us to indulge in our coupon collecting activities. Today we still comb for coupons in local papers but there are many more resources to check out. Online websites make coupon clipping go digital with convenient coupon codes to use during our internet shopping excursions. For instance, instead of thumbing through the Sunday paper, you can now find all your Walmart coupons and promotions online.

Many websites offer free shipping with minimum purchases, which is a real money saver when you consider the cost of gas and parking today. Items are delivered right to your door with no transportation costs required, and wen you use money saving coupon codes, you’re saving even more cash! Not to mention that online shopping is also hassle-free with no crowds, loud music or waiting in long lines. I save serious time and money on back to school supplies and the best gift ideas for the holiday season by shopping online.

Coupon Chief Review: Discount Coupon Site For Savvy Shoppers

It’s easy to find coupons at Coupon Chief. Over at Coupon Chief, simply search for the websites you want to shop at to find the latest coupon codes. Copy the codes onto your clipboard before you go shopping, then after you add your desired items to the online shopping cart, enter your codes and online offers into a special box provided by most retailers. Paste the coupon code into this box during checkout to get your savings.

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So where can you shop? There are literally thousands of coupon codes at Coupon Chief for clothing, toys, electronics, office supplies, baby items and a myriad of other necessities and luxuries. Major retailers represented at Coupon Chief include Macy’s, Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Victoria’s Secret and many more. Note that expired coupons are deleted and coupon performance is rated so that you can easily choose an up to date, winning money saving offer at Coupon Chief. For instance, you can use Macy’s coupons to get $10 off some men’s or women’s denim orders. Or use Wal-Mart coupons to get an automatic $5 off any purchase.

Share Your Own Coupons For Cash!

It’s free to sign up for Coupon Chief’s Pay2Share program where you can earn cash for your coupon finds. As a work at home mom (WAHM), I constantly peruse forums and freebie blogs for the latest money saving offers. Now I can earn cash for these frugal deals by joining Pay2Share and uploading the coupons. Every time someone uses one of the coupons affiliated with my account, I earn 2 percent of the sales. Payments are made by check or PayPal once your “Available Cash Out” balance reaches $25 and you decide to request a payment. Your sales commissions (cash rewards) show up anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after any transactions are made, based on the stores’ reporting times.

Why Not Just Search Google For Coupon Codes?

What I love about Coupon Chief is that I really don’t need to change anything I do to find coupons. I still search for the latest and greatest coupon codes on Google then compare them to the offerings at Coupon Chief. If a coupon isn’t on the Coupon Chief site, I can then add it here to try to earn a little extra cash. Often, I find money saving coupons on Coupon Chief that don’t come up during a preliminary Google search. Either way, I wind up saving and earning while shopping, all at the same time!

How Does Coupon Chief Stand Up To The Competition?

Alright, I’ve already covered some great reasons for using both Coupon Chief and Google searches for finding the best deals. So how does Coupon Chief stand up to the competition? Similar websites such as Fat Wallet, MomsView and Coupon Cabin don’t have as many updated coupons as Coupon Chief. At MomsView and Coupon Cabin, there are no incentives for using or sharing coupons. In days gone by these were my best resources outside of Google. Now that I’ve discovered Coupon Chief, I’m going to try this site out instead and see how well it works!

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  1. Great post on money saving tips. A good coupon website will save us huge money anytime we shop online.

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