Cost of Living Here and Abroad, A Possible House Purchase, Loss Leaders

Here are some of our favorite personal finance articles this week, coming your way!

Personal Financial Articles

Money and Such: Shadox has been thinking about buying a house lately. We’re actually from the same part of the country and face the same crazy regional real estate market. But it is looking like a good time to buy, with many good bargains in housing sprouting up in California over the last year.

One Mint: Here’s an interesting article about “loss leaders”, which are products that are sold at a loss to promote some other product. This is a pretty common marketing ploy, and I think it’s one that can work out pretty well for the most part.

Almost Frugal: Check out this eye-opening comparison between the cost of living in the United States vs France. How much do households spend in various categories? How much is the cost of living where you live?

No Debt Plan: When you prepare for travel, do you create a master packing list? In general, it’s always a great idea to be organized with a list before you embark on a trip, even the kind that just sends you to the grocery store!

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