Checkbook Balancing, Trying To Quit Smoking: The Roundup

Here are a few great reads I had a chance to absorb today:

Personal Finance Articles

  • Studenomics covers some of the biggest mistakes you can make with purchasing real estate. If you want to avoid making costly mistakes, then you’ll need to spend the time on research, and you’ll need to make sure that you have enough money to afford that house!
  • Rich Credit Debt Loan covers the basics of dealing with a checkbook. How much checkbook balancing do you do? Skipping out on this financial chore may cause you to miss catching any potential errors made by your bank.
  • Investing School gives us 14 interesting facts about Form 1040 schedule D, the form you’re required to fill out for tax purposes, if you’re an investor. Great list!
  • Single Guy Money: Check out one guy’s progress towards his goal of becoming smoke free (quitting smoking).
  • Amateur Asset Allocator shows us a couple of industries with good long term fundamentals. If you’re looking for investment prospects, Kyle suggests looking into the money management and real estate industries.
  • Taking Charge’s Tyler Metzger shares a humorous story about a Craigslist scam he’s had the misfortune of facing. Here are also some safety tips to help you avoid the next internet scam.

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