Camera Shopping, Blogging Tips, Stock Market Rally: The Roundup

We’ve had an eventful few weeks with never a dull moment lately. The Smarter Wallet participated in Free Money Finance’s best blog post showdown called March Madness, with our entry on debt collection practices making it through the first round but falling short on the second! But that’s okay, we had a great time debuting in this blog competition this year, and there’s always next year!

We also had something very exciting happen earlier this week. My spouse’s web site got some great coverage on TechCrunch and Lifehacker. BestInClass is a camera recommendations site. I’ve written a little review on them on The Digerati Life, where I talk about how helpful their tools and resources are for those of you interested in buying a digital camera. You can comparison shop with and save tons of time!

Finally, Kimberly Palmer just published an informative writeup about blogging tips on the Alpha Consumer blog (a US News blog), which featured some details from a recent interview I had with her. Check out her article on How To Become A Successful Blogger.

Now here were some financial articles that beckoned to me this week:

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