Reasons For Buying A Laptop Plus I Got A MacBook Air!

I checked out these computer shopping tips and got myself a new laptop.

Reasons For Buying A Laptop

Here’s a great investment. I finally got myself a laptop. Why did it take me so long to buy one? Because I’ve never liked using laptops as I’m a bit of a prima donna when it comes to my work environment. I like large screen monitors and bulky keyboards. I’m a hardcore desktop user. Also, some people will be surprised to find out that I’m somewhat of a technophobe, despite having had a career in engineering and having worked with software all my life.

But even while I work in technology, I am also a bit anti-gadget and a bit behind the times on a few things: like I don’t really own a cell phone (by choice) and I can’t — for the life of me — get accustomed to using a blackberry. I don’t like small equipment. 😉 I’m wary of gadgets because they can end up as time sucks (for lack of a better term). This may explain why I’m also not a big Twitter user (I only started to get into Facebook recently), but I’ll chalk this up to time constraints, priorities and inertia. Oh the irony huh?

So finally, I relented to the pressure of modern times and decided that I needed a portable work environment for those times I have to travel and be away from my home office for long periods of time. Plus, since I’m now self-employed, the good news is that anything I purchase for the purpose of operating my business will be tax deductible as a business expense. So what kind of excuse do I have now for NOT picking up a laptop?

I Got A MacBook Air

Well, after some deliberation, here’s what I ended up getting: a MacBook Air. I picked mine up from Amazon because of some credits I had with that store, but you can also check out our article on how to buy electronics on discount for tips and resources on computer shopping.

Macbook Air

After using this thing for a bit, I quickly realized just how much I was missing out! This notebook is now a cherished possession and I enjoy using it. Sure it’s pricey, but I found out just how essential it can be: not only can I work anywhere I want to, but also anytime I want to. For instance, it’s something I can count on when a storm alights upon us and takes out our power. Which is exactly what happened just a few days ago when a storm hit my neighborhood and surrounding areas. When we lost power, I was able to continue working on my new, trusty battery-operated laptop so that I didn’t have to miss a beat (on stuff I had to finish).

Next step: shop for a cell phone. I’m sure that having one will help me during shopping trips, traveling caravans, those times when I’m lost in a strange neighborhood or when I need a tow truck. Goodness knows how I’ve lasted this long without one!

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