Buy Cheap Stocks, Plant A Vegetable Garden, Fight Debt

So I’m finally back from my vacation and have had a chance to get reoriented into my usual routine. So first thing I’d like to do is to thank The Financial Blogger for hosting a guest post I wrote for him entitled 5 Ways To Overcome Your Fears of Investing. A lot of people I know are nervous about putting their money in the stock market, simply because they aren’t familiar with the territory. Unfortunately, they could be losing out on long term returns that could benefit their net worth greatly. Hopefully my tips (in the aforementioned guest article) can help those of you who are on the fence about stock investing to consider checking out this fruitful way of making money.

Now let’s move on to a few great reads from this week!

Personal Finance Articles

Mrs. Bankrupt: Leanne shares her story of how she is planning to address her debt load. She owes quite a bit of money to over 14 creditors through medical bills and a car loan. She’s making some strides though by getting a secured credit card and by replacing her current phone plan with a prepaid plan with unlimited texting.

Dividend Tree: If you want to be further convinced that buying distressed assets is a great investment strategy, then check out this article on Buffett, which shows him in a taped interview, discussing ways for investors to make money. He ends his interview with the statement: You want to be greedy when others are fearful, you want to be fearful when others are greedy. Given that I admire Buffett quite a bit, I also recently published this article about Warren Buffett and value investing.

Gather Little By Little: Do you love gardening? Then this post on recession gardening will surely tickle you. So what is it exactly? It’s the kind of gardening you do for survival, which involves planting vegetables and other edible material that you later harvest for your own sustenance.

Financial Methods: While frugality is a wonderful thing, there are those things that extreme frugalists do that may be considered stupid, pointless and worthless in their pursuit of saving a buck. How far would you go to cut costs?

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