Bear Market Survival Tips, 2009 Gift Guide and More

It’s hard to think with a stuffy nose.

Ah, the winter and cold and flu season are truly here. I am currently down for the count and fighting the fatigue brought about by the bug that ruled my home last week, originating from one sick kid in the household. The good news is that the bug isn’t the swine flu as I fleetingly suspected (yes, I am a hypochondriac, and my mind always goes to the extreme). It’s actually just an annoying cold: thus, I am actually thankful that it isn’t much worse.

So while I try to recover from this bout of the common cold, I’ve decided to come up with a simple roundup today, given that it’s tricky to come up with something creative when you’ve got a Sudafed-addled brain to work with and nasal congestion to deal with. That said, here are some articles from financial sites I love to frequent.

Personal Finance Articles

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll have something more substantial to share with you! 🙂

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