Basic Investing, Coke Rewards, Money Portfolio Tool

Here’s my short and sweet list of financial articles for this week. I wish I had a bit more time to include more posts, but this week is a little shot. I’ll make it up another time! Hope you enjoy this collection:

Personal Finance Articles

Bill Shrink: I’d like to spotlight this guest post I wrote here called Lessons I’ve Learned as a Long Time Investor. These basic strategies are ones I’ve followed to the letter and have found success with as an investor.

Len Penzo: This article is about addiction — one man’s addiction to coke rewards. Wow, interesting story here! As Len put it, he’s collected a ton of points but so far has only 2 lunch coolers and a t-shirt to show for it. Doesn’t seem like he’s happy about this!

Gather Little By Little: Are you stuck in the midst of debt? If you are, don’t despair! There are constructive things you can do to extricate yourself from the debt quagmire.

How To Fix: These days, it makes sense to learn how to do your own repairs for the house. So if you’ve got a hole in your wall left over from having too much fun at your last party, then here’s how to fix it!

One Mint: Manshu covers an interesting tool for investors called the Rediff Money Portfolio tool. It certainly looks interesting and easy to use. I’m tempted to try it out and see how well it captures and presents the investment information I have.

That’s it for this week’s roundup!

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