Visit The Museum For Free, Save on School Lunches: The Roundup

Well, time for our week’s financial picks! Here are some of the articles we enjoyed this week.

Free From Broke: You can visit the museum for free thanks to Bank of America’s new offer. As FFB reports, if you carry any of their cards (check, ATM, or credit) you’re granted free admission to a number of museums on the first weekend of every month till April 2009. Cool deal!

Frugal Fu: If we stop wasting food, we’ll cut down on the costs of school lunches.

Chief Family Officer enjoys growing her own food, so here she reviews the $120 Aerogarden, an aeroponics pot that lets you grow stuff without much fuss.

Gather Little By Little explains why they used a real estate agent to handle their real estate transactions.

Rich Credit Debt Loan asks a good question: are hidden fees eating away at your financial bottom-line?

Money Ning gives us some good advice: stop complaining. And his article tells you why.

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5 thoughts on “Visit The Museum For Free, Save on School Lunches: The Roundup”

  1. Thanks guys, for stopping by! I agree that David’s (Money Ning’s) post was quite powerful and stirring. It’s a great reminder that we should always count our blessings. We certainly have a lot to be cheerful about. 🙂

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