Pyramid Schemes and Family Values @ The Roundup

Here’s the first of the regular roundups I intend to be doing on this site. These personal finance articles caught my eye this week.

Not Made of Money urges us to start saving now for the Christmas season. I try to get my Christmas shopping out of the way early, but then again, I may be missing out on some potential seasonal discounts if I do it too early. What do you think?

Penny Jobs warns us about preparing for a major economic downturn. It’s always good to be prepared regardless of how well or poorly the economy is behaving. I try not to let my guard down as much as possible, for complacency can be costly.

Clever Dude reminisces over the end of a dream: that of playing his bass guitar. There are lots of things I miss as well, which I’ve given up because I’ve currently got no time to spare on extra activities.

Stop Buying Crap offers us a comprehensive list of tips to escape the clutches of pyramid schemes and scams.

Moolanomy shares with us what his parents taught him about money. Great values make for great people. 🙂

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