Task List Management, Don’t Go Broke @ The Carnivals

How do you manage your task list?

I’ve been juggling a few ongoing projects lately. Being self-employed, it seems like there’s just no respite from my gargantuan to-do list. I’m in talks to be involved in additional writing projects with other sites. I may talk about it more later. 🙂 I’ve also been devoting time to my battered investment portfolio. And in between these tasks, I’ve been juggling the usual playdates, school events and holiday preparations for our family and schools. Not to mention that I’ve still got to rework some business matters and meet with the tax guy in order to position myself to better take advantage of tax deductions open to entrepreneurs.

My task list is always long. And only getting longer. But I’ve managed to keep up with the carnivals this week. Here it is then, a mid-week roundup of the latest carnivals in the money realm. Check them out at your leisure!

Carnival Rounds

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