How To Earn Money Online, Get Free Stuff On The Internet!

A few suggestions on how to earn money online and get free stuff on the internet. These web sites and tools may provide you with a few opportunities!

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Lots of people are already making money on the web — just check out this article on how to make money with a blog. But if you want to do something fairly simpler and much more straightforward, perhaps to earn a bit of money or receive a few gifts, then there are easy ways to earn gift cards and merchandise online for doing stuff you probably already do. Different websites grant points for sharing your opinions, taking surveys, discussing matters and a variety of other activities. With today’s economy, these all add up!

Every year, I add new points-earning websites to my roster of online resources for earning gift cards for the holidays and special occasions. These sites have come very handy for me, when a birthday or anniversary would come up. Nowadays I earn points and free stuff (like gift cards) to keep as extra gifts, souvenirs and handouts for birthday parties, school affairs, holidays and unexpected events.

New points programs arrive on the scene daily but do exercise caution! Sometimes these points programs are thinly disguised scams to get your personal information. Other times the website promises the world but the participants never get to actually cash out. Before I recommend a site, I usually wait to see if participants are enjoying payouts and the site is standing the test of time.

Sites Where You Can Earn Money Online and Get Free Stuff

“Paid” Surveys: Surveying Your Situation

Surveys are one way to get paid for your opinions. Some pay in cash, others pay in gift cards. Sometimes you are even sent a free product to try. Here’s one I like:

Epoll: Many of the Epoll surveys are fun because they are about television shows and your favorite celebrities. There are also many other different types of surveys. When you have enough points, you can cash out for gift certificates to major retailers and eateries. On the downside, they’re a bit slow about payouts, and typically, it takes about 5 to 6 weeks to receive your rewards.

Earn Great Stuff While You Party!

Can you really earn great stuff while you party? It sounds too good to be true, but it works! I’ve received decadent chocolate, pre-release Barbie dolls and even a margarita maker just for having an online party and talking about it.

House Party: You simply answer a survey to apply for a “House Party” then wait to see if you’re selected as a host. You invite about a dozen guests, take pictures and participate in activities at the House Party website, which is a community where people are connected through these parties. At the website there’s a national blog and your own personal blog to post party updates for the people you invite. When you are chosen to host a House Party, you receive a party package with cool products from a major retailer. The products are useful and your guests will love them! They also send nifty party supplies including cups, plates and napkins for your House Party guests. You therefore use this opportunity to share photos, videos and blog posts with House Party participants. As you can already tell, these events are used as a way to promote and market various retail goods to the community.

Earn Great Stuff By Spreading The Word

Word of mouth makes money. So does the power of networking and creating buzz. With that in mind, you can earn great stuff by creating a little buzz of your own.

Bzz Agent: You get to try fantastic new products and talk about them at Bzz Agent. If you are eligible for a campaign, you can apply. When you join a campaign, you’ll receive free products or product coupons for yourself, which you can also share. You tell everyone you know about the products and report your Bzz at the Bzz Agent website. As a Bzz Agent, I’ve received all kinds of merchandise including food, toiletries and even electronics.

Get Paid To Review Your Favorite Products

If you enjoy talking about the products you use, then why not get paid for it? Whether you like something or not, you can write online reviews and earn cash.

Epinions: Why not get paid to write reviews about products, services, books and more? You can do so at Epinions. You don’t have to be a professional writer to post reviews. In fact, they have simple requirements and an easy platform for posting. Over time, you can earn a significant amount of cash if you write reviews regularly. Your reviews actually remain posted and continue to earn residual income over time.

So, as you can see, there are quite a good number of places you can visit if you’re eager to get free stuff online (well, almost free — time is money after all!) and to earn money online. It’s amazing what you can get paid for a bit of your time, and what you can get for free when you know where to go. When I get a chance, I’ll be writing again about great ways to earn some extra money at home, so stay tuned!

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