Flexible Spending Accounts, Mortgage Loans, Creative Gift Wrap

Parts of the nation are snowed in and bitter cold, while others are just wet and cold (like here in California). Either way, if you’re indoors, why not warm up with a nice hot cup of cocoa and settle down to read a few personal finance articles from the financial web? That’s what I’m doing right now! 🙂

  • Think Your Way To Wealth reminds us to review our Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for this year and the next. Don’t forget to use your money or you’ll lose it!
  • Rich Credit Debt Loan tells us how we can avoid financial disasters through good money management and budgeting. Hmmm… I don’t actually budget much, I just try not to buy stuff 😉 .
  • No Debt Plan arrives at an interesting statement. He believes that a 30 year mortgage usually trumps a 15 year mortgage. Really? How is that? Won’t the bank get more of your money via interest payments for a longer term mortgage? Not if you can help it! Find out how he comes up with this conclusion, which I really quite liked! For the record, we have a 15 year mortgage and because of this recession, we’re regretting the relatively steep payments a little bit!
  • StumbleForward is a new blog I’ve come across and I found the coverage on the option arm mortgage and other financial money traps very interesting.
  • Pecuniarities has many cool DIY suggestions for the holidays. I love the creative ideas in this blog, including this one on an eggshell gift wrap!
  • Christian PF has an awesome post about a group of Secret Santas whose members anonymously pass out $100 bills to random folks. Their Christmas spirit is very inspiring; it’s a wonderful legacy left by its founder.

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  1. Thanks for the Mention and spreading the word about my post on Option ARM Mortgage traps. I’ve had this type of mortgage for quite some time and finally decided to refinance my loan. I can honestly say fixed loans are much simplier to deal with. Love the post I’m definitely going to stumble this.

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