Face The Credit Crisis By Avoiding Debt and Credit: The Roundup

Welcome to November and a new time adjustment (fall back)! With that extra one hour to use, I was able to check out a few personal finance articles. Here’s my list for the weekend:

  • Bible Money Matters: We talked earlier about how we’re facing tighter credit, loan limits and credit card defaults. As Pete puts it, this is one more reason to try to live without debt or credit. If the credit crisis worries you, then avoid accumulating debt and limit credit use as much as possible.
  • Retired At 47: There’s been a lot of talk about how to leverage a weak stock market lately. Here’s another great post along that vein — how about making lemonade out of a stock market full of lemons?
  • My Super-Charged Life: Are you stuck in a rut? Maybe these 20 ways to stretch yourself may help!
  • Credit Karma: The Credit Karma blog reports that the credit crunch is now affecting car dealers. Yep, one of those industries that is vulnerable to a recession is the auto industry. It may be good for you as the consumer, if you have the cash to buy cars that dealers will be desperate to unload.
  • Growing Money: Nice to see that the stock market closed up for the week after so many down days. Even if it’s just temporary….
  • ABC’s of Investing: Here’s a good article where you can pick up some of the basics of mutual funds.

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  1. Yes, I agree Smarty. I feel better when I think “long term”. I can just imagine the wisecracks people concoct when referring to what long term means…. 😉

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