Enjoy What You Buy, Increase Your Income, Create A TV Show

We’re fast approaching our 3 month anniversary at The Smarter Wallet, and we’re happy with the growth we’re experiencing so far on this site! Thus far, we’ve garnered over 16,000 unique visits, 32,000 page views and 60+ subscribers, and enjoying the interactions we’re having with other bloggers in the financial blogosphere. That said, we’d like to share with you our favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week:

Squawkfox: The Fox asks in her latest Squawkback post — what are your three best purchases? Let me think about that for a moment; this deserves some reflection! How about I give you more than three of my best purchases (a couple, which are recent)?

#1 My house: Why? Because it’s an appreciating asset. Plus, I’ve invested a lot of time, energy and money into feathering our nest, and turning our home into the place I’ve always wanted to live in 😉 .

#2 My Tivo(s): I’m an unapologetic couch potato and only mildly embarrassed by such a designation. And to be true to form, I have become highly dependent on my couch and my Tivos as destressors (okay I try not to be completely sedentary — I use my stationary bike daily as I enjoy my Tivo’d shows).

#3 Our Volvo Sports Wagon: We got it at a great discount from my brother. He had a firesale when he decided to move his family to Singapore last summer.

#4 Flatware and Dining Set: Again, from my brother’s firesale, we picked up some superb high-quality dining utensils and dishes.

Oh and let me throw out a bonus #5 — I’ve preordered David Cook’s self-titled debut album, which will be coming out next week. Now that is one purchase I’m very excited about because I’m one of those crazy American Idol fans (and avid rock music lovers) who are nutso about their singing idols… 😀 .

Great question to ask Ms. Fox!

Stop Buying Crap: A nice review here of Quizzle.com by one of my favorite bloggers, Cap!

Rich Credit Debt Loan: Some interesting view points here about the advantages of leveraging. I agree with Kevin that increasing one’s income and leveraging debt properly may actually help you grow wealth more effectively than if you were just focused on reducing debt.

MoneyNing: David and his wife are great cooks who, through this post, are sharing their tips on saving money on food and groceries.

Four Pillars: What an interesting thought! Create a movie or tv show as a business idea? 🙂

Money and Such: I agree with Shadox that we shouldn’t bail out homeowners. Interestingly while he favors the government bailout of financial institutions, he doesn’t extend the same support to mortgage bailouts. Find out why!


A special thanks to Ironman for linking to our post on how to work from home and start a home business. We were included in his November 8 edition of “On The Moneyed Midways”.

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4 thoughts on “Enjoy What You Buy, Increase Your Income, Create A TV Show”

  1. You sound to have a smarter wallet! Tee hee! Thank you so much for the mention and for squawking back! I love the flatware and dinner set idea. I too have nice eatery utensils and they truly make eating a pleasure. Food just looks and tastes better on quality plates. Yummy!

  2. Thank you for linking to my post. I didn’t previously know about your blog and I have added you to my RSS reader. Welcome to the community.

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