Engagement Ring, Second Income Stream, Financial Success: The Roundup

This is a quick roundup I’m putting together since I got a bit stuck on releasing a new theme for my other site (The Digerati Life). Anyway, here’s what I got a chance to look over this weekend! Enjoy!

Rich Credit Debt Loan: Try answering a few questions and find out if you’re on track to become a financial success.

M is For Money ponders when she’ll finally receive her engagement ring, given the money issues that she and Mr M are experiencing during the current economic slowdown. Hang in there Miss M!

MoneyNing shares a heartwarming list of low cost activities for the Christmas holidays. Some things we can do this time of year? Christmas parties, museums and theaters and the myriad local events your town may be up to right now! 🙂

Thrive from Good To Grow delves into the details of why gambling is a terribly poor investment. If you’re going to gamble, do it for fun and with the expectation that you could lose all your money, so that you’ll feel fine regardless of whether you win or lose.

Funny About Money considers the possibility of turning what we love to do into a second income stream. I’d certainly call that the perfect hobby!

The Frugal Duchess gives us a list of scams from Kiplinger’s, from debt negotiation cons to bank phishing. Just a friendly reminder to not let your guard down even when you celebrate this season.

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