Debt and Consumer Spending, The Role of Advertising: The Roundup

I enjoyed these articles from the past week — they helped me find some respite from the financial crisis buzz that was the talk of the internet over the last few days.

MSN Smart Spending: Donna talks about how getting a massage is money well spent. Just reading about her regular massages makes me want to adopt a similar schedule to help recharge myself!

Get Rich Slowly: JD discusses the role of advertising in our lives, along with its issues and effects.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds: Ginger loves eBay, and she gives us $130.03 reasons why!

The Frugal Duchess offers us some odd and frugal household uses for mouthwash! Need an anti-fungus agent?

Wise Bread: Philip Brewer goes a little technical with his discussion on the issue of peak debt and how debt affects our consumer spending.

Saving To Invest makes the move from Vanguard Money Market to ING Direct. Wow, my emergency fund is in Vanguard Money Market as well, and though I’m not particularly worried about Vanguard, this article by Andy still gives me pause.

Work At Home Mom Revolution: Are you a mom who works at home? Do you feel like you’re missing a little appreciation for your work? In my case, I actually feel more appreciated as a blogger than as an employee of the large company I just left. 😉

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