Cook At Home, Red Lentil Soup: The Roundup

It’s getting chillier these days, heralding the start of the cold and flu season. But I got my kids their flu shots last Friday, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Let’s hope we can all stay healthy this winter.

Personal Finance Articles I Recommend

With me spending more time indoors, I’ve been able to devote more time to my reading. Here are a few financial articles of note:

  • The Smarter Wallet: If you’ve got good credit and happen to be interested in signing up for a new credit card, then why not get rewarded for your spending by applying to one of these best cash back credit cards?
  • Value For Your Life gives us 8 great reasons why she will cook at home. I agree that by doing so, you are likely to cut thousands of dollars from your annual home budget.
  • Credit Karma: Perhaps credit scores are now used in new ways. Retail owners and property managers may now be using them to assess potential tenants for vacation homes.
  • Cheap Healthy Good: I love India. Though I’ve never been there, I have always admired its people, culture and yummy food. I also love lentil soup. They all go very well together in this post.
  • The Financial Blogger shares with us his marks for the summer session for his MBA course. Awesome how he got all straight A’s pretty much. What a sharp cookie! 🙂
  • Studenomics: Oh cool, a Christmas tip list! Well, if you’re looking to tip, you can also check out our “how to tip, when to tip” rules.

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