College Tuition Costs, the Credit Crunch and Hope For The Presidency

I had the pleasure to read more than my share of posts this weekend as I’m tomorrow’s host for the Carnival of Personal Finance (over at my other site, The Digerati Life). At any rate, I found a sliver of time which I dedicated to finding a few intriguing articles from the financial blogosphere. I’ve listed them here for your reading pleasure:

  • The Frugal Duchess shares some truly insightful personal lessons from Obama’s presidential campaign and subsequent victory.
  • Rich Credit Debt Loan: Here’s a great discussion on loans and the credit crunch. We also recently tackled these credit-related issues in our post on tighter credit, loan limits and credit cards on default.
  • Simply Forties wonders how much longer she’ll have to financially cover her son in college. I’m to face this same scenario in….let’s see…around 10 years’ time!
  • Penny Jobs: I found this older article quite compelling and interesting, so I’m including it here. Curt asks “what shape will the recession take (in the literal sense)?” He discusses the various forms a recession can take, including a V, U and L shape. The L shape is bad news!
  • The Money Beagle shares some hopes following the presidential election.
  • Money Hawk: A newcomer to the blogosphere (started almost the same time as we did), the Money Hawk is one blog that caught my instant attention. Lots of interesting posts here from the viewpoint of a martial-artist-photographer, including this one on how to sell a car worth less than what you owe.


I’d also like to thank the Credit Karma blog for including us in their roundup (for the first time!) and Ted’s Take for featuring our post on money cards, cash and credit cards.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! 10 years time? It’ll be here before you know it. I know you are making plans to ensure paying for college won’t be the struggle for you that it has been for me. Good luck!

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