Charting Stock Movements With Fibonacci Trading Techniques

by The Smarter Wallet on January 21, 2009

Understanding the stock market with the use of investing and trading tools.

I’m a long term investor interested in studying how the stock market works in more detail, so recently, I’ve started to check out, which is primarily a service for traders. The tools from allow me to gain a broader perspective on investments, the stock market and technical analysis, in general.

I regularly receive videos from, including this one that discusses how to use Fibonacci analysis to chart out future stock movements. Fibonacci is a famous mathematician whose teachings have made its way into trading systems and have been applied in market trend analysis.

Click this link or the following image to watch the video.

Dow crash

The trading tool in the video that is used to demonstrate the use of Fibonacci trading techniques is available through the Market Club premium service, which offers many tools and materials for serious traders. But you can also benefit from learning more about trading or getting more information about stocks and the markets, through’s free services: sign up for INO Free TV, where you’ll get 4 free videos about trading, or their free Trend Analysis tool, which helps you keep track of those stocks and symbols you’re most interested in.

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