Best Money Articles from The Smarter Wallet, 2008

by The Smarter Wallet on January 1, 2009

We’ve finally hit the New Year! Well to mark that change — hopefully to a bigger and much better 2009 — I’d like to give you a quick summary of the year that flew by for us here. We launched The Smarter Wallet in late August and so far, things have been going quite smoothly!

The folks behind The Smarter Wallet have diverse backgrounds in writing and finance, and we all have our different writing styles, but we’re all bound together by our interest in sharing with you our experiences and opinions about personal finance and consumer matters. We’re not financial professionals, but we aim to write about the stuff that is commonly of interest and concern to most folks. Hopefully we’re touching upon the things that do matter to our pocketbooks.

Best Money Articles from The Smarter Wallet, 2008

Articles About Saving Money and Spending Wisely

Credit and Debt Articles

Money Management and Productivity Articles

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